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Exchange traded notes

Exchange traded notes (ETNs) are JSE listed instruments which track the performance of a single underlying, or index or basket of underlyings. ETNs, typically known as tracker products, therefore provide investors with a Rand-based product to gain exposure to the performance of the underlying in question.


ETNs Available

Commodity-Linker ETNs
The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited’s Commodity-Linker ETNs provide investors with exposure to the performance of commodities. Commodity-linker ETNs unlike competing derivative instruments represent a spot traded and therefore non-margined investment vehicle. ETNs may be passively held for the maximum maturity of 10 years thereby meeting investors’ long term view. The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, the issuer, is a committed market maker and therefore investors are assured the ease of entry and exit to this market should they not want to adopt a 'buy and hold' strategy.

JSE Trading Codes:

  • Gold-linker (SBAG1)
  • Silver-linker (SBAS1)
  • Platinum-linker (SBAPL1)
  • Palladium-linker (SBAPD1)
  • Corn-linker (JSE Code: SBACRN)
  • Wheat-linker (JSE Code: SBAWHT)
  • WTI Oil-linker (JSE Code: SBAOIL)
  • Copper-linker (JSE Code: SBACOP

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