At Online Share Trading we believe that wealth begins with better knowledge and hence we offer various courses and presentations to our clients. We even offer a course to the general public. Most of these courses and presentations are free! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us: South Africa 0860 121 161, International +27 11 415 5000 or email [email protected]

 Downloadable guides and articles
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Getting started in shares
     Unit 1- Investment principles (PDF: 150 KB) 
     Unit 2 - Risk options and types of shares (PDF: 874 KB) 
     Unit 3 – The ABC of investing (PDF: 885 KB) 
     Unit 4 – The importance of dividends (PDF: 469 KB) 
     Unit 5 – Explaining fundamental analysis (PDF: 154 KB) 
     Unit 6 – Walking the fundamental analysis talk (PDF: 138 KB) 
     Unit 7 – What’s bottom-up analysis? (PDF: 115 KB) 
     Unit 8 – Understanding Basic Accounting (PDF: 110 KB) 
     Unit 9 – What is Technical Analysis? (PDF: 127 KB) 
     Unit 10 – What are warrants? (PDF: 112 KB) 
     Unit 11 – Trading Warrants and share instalments (PDF: 150 KB) 
     Unit 12 – What is single stock futures? (PDF: 151 KB) 
Single Stock Futures
     Basic guide to trading SSF's on Online Share Trading (PDF: 131 KB) 
     SSF Educational Brochure (PDF: 241 KB) 
     SSF Presentation - January 2006 - Part 1 (PDF: 594 KB) 
     SSF Presentation - January 2006 - Part 2 (PDF: 943 KB) 
Other articles
     Investor or Trader? - learn how tax on shares is levied (PDF: 313 KB) 
     What is SATRIX? - An alternative to unit trusts.
     Why does it take 5 business days to be able to withdraw funds after a trade?
     What are warrants (PDF: 343 KB) 
     What are share instalments (PDF: 233 KB) 
     What are discount instalments (PDF: 32 KB) 
     What are turbo instalments? (PDF: 785 KB) 
     What are Enhanced Dividend Securities (EDS (PDF: 100 KB) 
     What are DARTS (PDF: 74 KB) 
     What are Preference Shares (PDF: 246 KB) 
     What is ITRIX (PDF: 97 KB) 
     Want exposure to the gold price - New Gold shares "GLD" (PDF: 607 KB)